Easy Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Easy Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

  • Tana Keeffe
  • 11/9/21

Great curb appeal can make a big difference when selling a home. Not only can it make your property stand out from the competition, but it could also bring in higher offers.

An attractive house can also be a benefit even if you’re aren’t planning to sell right now. After all, who doesn’t want to take pride in their home while keeping it in excellent condition?

Do you want to boost your home’s curb appeal without spending a lot of time or money? Take a look at these budget-friendly ideas:

1. Freshen up your door. You don’t have to replace your door to give it a makeover. Try a new coat of paint, new address numbers, upgraded hardware, or even just a decorative welcome mat. A brassy kickplate can be nice, too.

2. Update your mailbox. Still, stuck with that old aluminum mailbox upfront? Upgrade to brick or another stylish look. You can also paint the old box a new color or replace the pole if it’s rusted.

3. Make the porch more inviting. If your front porch looks a little bland, add a sitting area with chairs and a rug, or install a bench swing. Potted plants and warm lighting also go a long way.

4. Clean up the exterior. Power-wash the brick and siding, give your shutters a new coat of paint and fix any holes or stains on the driveway. You’d be surprised what a little deep cleaning can do. 

5. Outline your garden. Add a new layer of mulch and install pavers around the outside of each garden area. They make the yard really pop even without flowers or other foliage.

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